Where will you go?


Where will you go?


Ireland's biggest & BEST bike bag rental service.

Set up 5 years ago by the good folks at FitzCycles.ie to offer adventurous Cyclists a safe and convenient way to transport their pride and joy around the world.

Our bags live a great life, safely carting thousands of euro worth of two-wheeled wonders around the world - over the years we have personally tried and tested every bike bag & box we can get our hands on and with seriously bling bikes - we stress about every little detail, so you don't have to!

Our fleet of €700 SciCon AeroComfort 3.0's cater for almost all sizes & shapes of bikes and it was fully revised in 2017 - it offers the best balance of protection and usability. Cheaper bike boxes require almost complete disassembly of the bike and are quite cumbersome to transport - ours simply require your wheels to be removed while giving up very little in terms of protection - over the years we have shipped 100's of high end bikes without issue.

From our base in South Dublin we've designed & refined a streamlined, cost effective & hugely convenient online rental service that should suit any cyclist any where. We can ship all bags directly to you at least 2-3 days before you travel and then collect 2-3 days after you return - there is no cost for these extra days - you only pay for the days you need it!

Get yourself rolling in just a few simple steps:

1. Send us a booking inquiry through the form below and we'll get back to you via with availability and a confirmed pricing for the rental period.

2. Generally 3-4 weeks before your rental we'll touch base to confirm details - we also require a €200 safety deposit on our payment page - for collections simply bring photo ID on the day, for delivery you can email us a scan of your ID (must match the CC used for the booking).

3.  For collection in-store, simply pop by on the agreed date and the bag will be boxed and ready for pick-up. For delivery, the bag is shipped to you on the confirmed date via GLS - simply follow our guide to pack the bike securely and off you go - lucky you! Upon return simply pack the bag back into the reusable box and notify us that the bag is ready for collection - GLS will collect asap.

4. Once the bag is received in fair time, in good condition and without damage at HQ we will refund you the safety deposit less the agreed rental charges. 

So... Where will you go?


Our Bike Bags

Our Bike Bags





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Please make your initial inquiry here...

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Please note once confirmed the bag can only be rented to the person detailed below - for multiple or group bookings please provide details below...
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Let us know which Sci Con AeroComfort 3.0 bag suits your bike best and we'll check availability...
Advised Start Date: *
Advised Start Date:
Life's stressful enough - allow yourself a day before you leave for packing and general faffing about & we'll calculate what's needed to deliver it to you in plenty of time...
Advised Return Date: *
Advised Return Date:
Let us know when you'll be home and ready for collection - please allow time for unpacking the bike, boxing the bag up and some inevitable end-of-holiday blues...
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Collection & Delivery Address (if required):
Collection & Delivery Address (if required):
It's always best to collect in-store but if you can't make it in just fill in the form below - it's vital that we know when/where you will be in order to keep things fast & efficient...
Please let us know if you have a big bike... or a strange set-up.. or if there are other members in your group... or if you're a returning customer... or if we can come with you...


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e: sales@fitzcycles.ie
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Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm 

(Closed on Bank Holiday Sundays & Mondays)